Playgrounds for Senior Citizens are Rising in Popularity

And they are the cutest thing ever!

Do you remember spending time at the playground as a child? Playground time in fact holds some of my dearest memories. The hours spend swinging away on a beautiful day. Hanging out socializing with friends.  The freedom felt as the wind in your face as you raced down the slide.

A New Trend is Emerging Making Playgrounds an Enriching Experience for All Ages

Playgrounds for senior citizens promote health and wellness, along with a spirit of play for all ages. That’s right, outdoor playgrounds for senior citizens are what’s hopefully going to become the next fitness craze.  

The equipment is all about low impact exercise and activities that increase eye-had coordination. Most of the playgrounds are being developed with multi-generational play in mind. They are a great place for older adults to connect with the children in their lives.

These specialized playgrounds are now available in 53 US locations.  To learn more check out the original article  by visiting